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vila club

Vila Club - Hotel Vila Mar

Vila Club - Natal

Intended solely for those who want to enjoy a peaceful environment without leaving Natal, the Village Club arrives offers recreation and leisure in the day to day life of Natal. With a monthly cost of R$100.00 the customer can enjoy the hotel structure of Vila do Mar, as the water park, playground, sauna, restaurant and spa.

The advantages are great, we have:

  • Adult, child, sports and panoramic pool. For family and friends.
  • 500 meters of exclusive beach, being the only one not to have stones across Coastal Highway. Provide a bar service, sunbeds, deckchairs, parasols and showers for your convenience.
  • Private and secure parking, with permanent security
  • Complete Restaurant 
  • Two bars, one in the restaurant and the other in the pool.
  • Lawn to the waterfront, to enjoy good times.
  • For those who never disconnect, we have wifi.
  • Playground for small kids.
  • Sauna and gym for a workout and then relax, after all, you deserve it!
  • Beauty Salon to enjoy the day without neglecting the appearance.
  • Adult and children's club for those boring days and full of energy.
  • Spa with relaxing massages for total comfort of the client.
  • Village kids and games room for older children, which has energy to spare!


The activities schedule at the Hotel Vila do Mar for children are with games and lots of interactivity for little ones. A great form of family relax while the children are busy playing.


Besides spending a year enjoying all the perks of Hotel Vila do Mar, the Village Club will offer two daily. *

Also visit the VIP Village, the day use the Vila do Mar Ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the structure of our hotel for a day, to access just pay a fee * to be converted to consummation, all for your entertainment!

* After 12 monthly payments and paid according to hotel availability.
* Value of the daily rate: £ 100.00 per person 50% discount if registration confirmation with.