+55 84 4009 4999 / +55 84 9.9999 3249 WA
+55 84 4009 4999 / +55 84 9.9999 3249 WA


The beach opposite the hotel is suitable for bathroom?
We are situated in one of the best spots on the Coastal Highway, has no stones in front of the hotel, the beach is suitable for swimming.

The apartments are facing the sea?
All our apartments have a balcony and are facing the sea.

What is the policy for children?
We provide a child up to 06 years complimentary in hospedagem.De 06 to 12 years old we charge 20% of the value of the double flat rate for inclusion of an extra bed.

Which deals Hotel offers?
To check our offers, just click the link "what do you need?" And select "deals".

What are the values ​​of half board and full board? As this service is offered?
To hire a half board, the cost is U.S. $ 40.25 per person per day, which can be dinner or lunch in the Buffet restricted to the Chef's suggestion system. Full board costs U.S. $ 80.25 per day per person, including dinner and breakfast at the Buffet restricted to Chef's suggestion system.

The hotel offers shuttle?
Indicated accredited taxi drivers.

The hotel offers internet?
We offer free Wi Fi internet in all areas of the Hotel, including the apartments. This service is free at no additional cost

The voltage is 110V or 220V?
The voltage is 220v in Natal.

What is included in the room?
On the daily is this included breakfast and parking.

What is the daily rate?
To make a quote, simply click the link on the online reservations page.

The value entered on the site per person or per apartment?
The amounts reported on the website refer to the cost of the apartment per day and not per person.